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Friday, November 1, 2019

Truth Matters Audio, Answering Transgenderism, & Kanye's Conversion

Truth Matters Conference Audio
I watched most of the Truth Matters conference live-streaming the other week, but our internet was having issues and went out entirely for the last couple of sessions.
The audio of the conference is beginning to be added to the GTY web page.
You can find them HERE.  
UPDATE: I still haven't seen the Q & A sessions put up yet.

Answering Transgenderism
I have shared messages from Don Green of Truth Community Church in Cincinatti, OH in the past.
Recently, he's started a series to help the church in responding to the issue of those claiming to be something other than what they are born biologically.  Tuesday night, he gave a third message on the subject that you can listen to HERE.
UPDATE: The series can be found HERE (it's almost done).
For reference, John MacArthur gave a short response on Transgenderism and pronouns HERE.

Kanye's Conversion
I had only heard a little about Kanye West in the past, and that was mostly related to politics (from my vague recollection).
Many people have heard about his profession of faith and his having "Sunday Services" which are not really church services.
A lot of my friends online know more...that he visited a church where Adam Tyson is pastor for a few weeks (before moving to another state). 
I had heard Adam Tyson when there was a Master's Seminary chapel live-streamed earlier this year, and so I thought he was familiar when I saw him preaching the Gospel on a video of a Kanye concert that was being shared about.

Some of you may have already watched these, but I want to share the two interviews with Adam Tyson that I've heard for reference.

Wrath & Grace Interviewing Adam Tyson 

Adam Tyson on Apologia (I think the interview finishes at around 42 minutes.)

I have had a couple of concerns about some connections reported that Kanye has made with people who are not sound. 
That doesn't automatically mean that we should doubt his salvation.
Many new believers can have wolves in sheep's clothing come after them for their own purposes.

While being concerned, we can still rejoice that Kanye has professed faith, and that he is being discipled by a Biblically sound teacher (Adam). 
Kanye's fame doesn't make Christianity more credible, and we don't need fame from the world.
It is just good for me to see his enthusiasm as a new convert.
It is also neat for me to see Adam's enthusiasm for ministry as well, and that he holds to the truth.
I think that it would be good for Kanye to step back and be grounded more in the faith to be able to discern when the enemy tries to make inroads and attack.
He is not ready to teach as a new convert, although I'm not opposed to him sharing his testimony.

A lot of people have professed faith, and like in the parable of the soils have turned out not to be rooted true believers.
Trials prove they are not (after the initial enthusiasm), or they apostatize (proving they weren't saved).
That's why I understand those who are cautious.
Like with anyone who professes faith, we look for the lasting produce of the fruit of the good soil.
For now we should rejoice though, because the Gospel is being proclaimed.
We can rejoice that someone is eager to study the Bible and seems to have turned to Christ.
Christians should have genuine hope, and I think that most people do.
We don't need to jump on each other, but we should pray!

UPDATE:  One of the wolves that Kanye has connected with & wrongfully recommended is Joel Osteen...someone you should stay far, far away from.

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