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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

William Cowper Revisited

I recently started listening to a CD biography about William Cowper (given to me as a gift).
The story was written from the viewpoint of the lady in whose house Cowper was a lodger.
It has letters and poetry blended into the story, and I'm learning more than my little online reading about him revealed (which I had shared about HERE a previous time).

I do enjoy hearing English accents, although my brain isn't always as quick to process it...especially the poetry parts.
I'm not generally keen on a lot of poetry other than as used for songs, but this hasn't gotten too bogged down with it.
So far, so good!

The following video is the author describing more about the biography.
Her voice seems to be the female one on the CD that I've been listening to (there is also a male voice at times).

Trailer for the Life of William Cowper from Abigail Fox on Vimeo.

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