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Thursday, December 12, 2019

My First Thoughts on the Documentary "By What Standard?"

A new documentary was just released by Founders Ministries, and it is called "By What Standard?"
It explains why critical race theory and intersectionality should not be used as "analytical tools" in the church (specifically talking about the Southern Baptist Conference).
The terms "critical race theory" & "intersecionality" are complicated, so I will encourage you to watch the documentary for a further explanation on what it's about.

The documentary sounds a warning bell of the dangers ahead for those opening the door to using the social theories mentioned above.  
From what I've seen online people are already biting the baited hook and are placing identity & victimhood over Scripture.
They are letting cultural acceptance & ideals corrupt their view of what the Bible clearly says.

I appreciated the film, and I only noticed a couple of things that I would give a disclaimer on.

One is name of the program / podcast that Summer Jaegar has to do with.  
I don't even want to share the name.
I know some are annoyed that I take offense at it, but others will understand. 
Secondly, I do not believe that social work is a "gospel issue."  
The man (sorry, I don't know who he was) may have been meaning that Christians will be transformed as a result of the Gospel (being saved), and will have fruit.  
(Plus, I know people can do mercy ministry where the true Gospel is proclaimed).
Also, the miracles the apostles did were signs of their apostolic authority.

That being said, this was an important documentary, and I hope many people will take heed.
Please don't be put off by the terminology, if you haven't heard it before.

You can watch the documentary it HERE

Tom Ascol of Founders Ministries who was a large part of the documentary recently had a medical emergency, but he is doing better.  You can read some about that HERE.

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