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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eternal Praise - Enfield

The guy singing the song on this video (Paul Hoover) was a worship leader at a church I went to in California some years back. He left that church probably for the one he currently is at. He picked some good songs from Sovereign Grace Music, etc. He needed maturing and wise counsel, but then he seemed fairly young back then. This song grew on me as I listened to it a number of times. I decided to share it on here for those who look at my blog. I thought some people might enjoy it and seeing someone who I used to see on Sundays up front for awhile in my past. It's an Enfield song as you can see from the title. We have a great temporary worship leader where I go to church now in Tennessee, although I wish he would use some Sovereign Grace Music songs as apparently they did use some in the past (although I didn't notice any whenever I've been there).

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