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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Narnia

Yesterday I worked some more on a door painting that I started quite awhile back. It's kind of my idea of a Narnia type of place. I like redwood trees and the ocean, and you can imagine walking into the picture and onto the path. I love the ocean (from the beach side), so I decided to add that into it instead of just the forest I'd planned originally. After all, I have an ocean scene from Laguna Beach, California on another wall. We live in a part of Tennessee now where we can see countryside scenes and forest and mountains on a drive. Still, I miss our trips to the beach we used to take where we would stay the night in a hotel and see the beautiful blue in the ocean when it was sunny during the day, and feel the ocean breeze and see the seagulls and the sparkling light from the sun reflected on the waves.

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