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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday, Summer, Peter Furler, & Gospel Tracts

Well, today is a special birthday of a family member, it's the first day of summer (and it's very hot today here in East Tennessee), and Peter Furler's album On Fire is out today. I got three of the songs so far, and I have enjoyed them. Matter of Faith is one of them, and it's an encouraging song that is a reminder about faith and Heaven. Someone else here in my house is planning to get the CD, so we will all get to listen and use it when we use the treadmill if we want to.
Earlier this month I got some Gospel tracts from Living Waters / Way of the Master, and I thought I'd share the e-mail I sent maybe on June 8th or 9th to my sister who helped order them for me.
I got the tracts yesterday I think it was. Today at my ENT appointment waiting for a hearing test I put a tract on the table. A family came in who sat nearby and first one kid and then another looked at it. Then the mother took it and started to read silently. She seemed a bit excited and asked if her husband had read it. Well, I don't know if they might have already been Christians, and I didn't get to see if the husband with the kid on his lap actually picked it up. I didn't see in in the same spot when I came out though, so who knows? I prayed about who would pick it up. Thought you might be interested to hear what happened with the first one.
It was encouraging to me that God worked that out for me to see, and I hope that I will have many more opportunities even in such a small way to be used by God with those tracts. I read another blog's post that was an encouragement, and I'd like to share the link with you:

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