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Friday, November 25, 2011

Mary, Did You Know by Jubilant Sykes in Grace Community Church Christmas...

Thanksgiving Day is over...not that we can't give thanks to God other days.
The song below is written by Mark Lowry, but Jubilant Sykes does the best rendition that I've heard.
I was once at one of the Christmas concerts at Grace Community Church, and I had the privilege of hearing Jubilant sing this song. Wow! It was years before this video that someone took, but still I think you will get the idea. We'd heard Jubilant at the church when I was younger (not during a concert), but this song I heard him sing when I was an adult was the most memorable for me.
It stirs the imagination as well as the emotions.
The lyrics are worth listening to! They help me to think not only about how Mary must have felt, but it also make me think about the greatness of God and focus on Jesus' life.

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