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Saturday, November 19, 2011

180 Movie Closed Caption Languages Available On YouTube

The documentary that changed minds to being pro-life...

”180” Movie should be available with closed captioning on YouTube in 19 languages by Monday or Tuesday:

1) English
2) Spanish (Mexico)
3) French
4) German
5) Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal)
6) Russian
7) Chinese
8) Japanese
9) Italian
10) Polish
11) Albanian
12) Croatian
13) Estonian
14) Latvian
15) Norwegian
16) Romanian
17) Slovak
18) Swedish
19) Dutch

(Japanese and Chinese should be uploaded on Monday.)

To access the Closed Captions in your language Click to Watch on YouTube (lower right of video screen says YouTube...Click on that) and Click on the “CC” under the video on YouTube and find and select your language. Please share with all of your friends.

Read testimonies of people who have watched "180" Movie at the following link:

See endorsements including John MacArthur, Randy Alcorn, etc.:

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