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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

180 Conference October 20, 2012 in San Diego, CA

I went out to eat with family recently at a Mexican restaurant that we have been to a number of times.  The food is really good there.  It is the best we have found here in Tennessee since leaving California. 

I had given one of the waiters there a "180" Movie DVD awhile back.  Well, we had the same waiter again this time.  I was standing up with my chair behind me near a ledge, and I was ordering my food before sitting down.  Somehow I bumped the chair, and it fell off of the ledge.  BANG!  Another patron of the restaurant said something about thinking he was getting shot. 
Well, the waiter picked the chair up for me.  It was both funny and embarrassing.
I still laughed about it afterward...and it's still funny!

Anyway, I waited until later on to ask the guy if he'd had a chance to watch the DVD and what he thought of it.
He said it had changed his mind and that he had never though about it that way before.
I said that I was glad he got a chance to watch it.  Wow!  It's not often that a person gets to hear that something they shared made a difference!

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, "180" Movie is a documentary that first asks people who Hitler is and tells some about him and the Holocaust.  Then the interviewer (Ray) puts a situation to the people where they think about what they would do if in those circumstances.  The topic then turns to abortion and asks an important question.  After that Ray gives the good person test and presents a life changing message to people.

To watch "180" Movie, go to:

There is a conference in San Diego, California scheduled for later this year that is based on the  "180" Movie documentary.  Ray Comfort, Pam Tebow, Randy Alcorn, JimBob and Michelle Duggar are all scheduled to be there.  To see more speakers and information about this exciting conference, you can look at the official website:

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