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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Peter Furler - Matter of Faith (Official Video)

Today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite songs off of Peter Furler's On Fire album.
 No, I didn't make the video.

I don't think it quite does the lyrics justice, but then nobody has a photo of Heaven.

 Easter (Resurrection Sunday) is coming soon, and that reminds people that Jesus died for sins taking the punishment we deserve and that He rose from the dead conquering death.  Well, for those of us who have repented and put our trust in Him, we can have the assurance of being forgiven and having joy in Heaven with Jesus forever.

Everyone will one day know that Jesus is Lord.  The question people can ask themselves is whether that knowledge will bring terror or joy?  I know that I will have joy in Heaven with the Lord, although I can be shallow enough to think more about my pain being gone, my mind and heart being completely free from the battle against sin.
My mind so often rebels against what I want to love.  My actions so often go against what I want to be.  I guess I can relate to the apostle Paul to a certain extent.
I am thankful for the mercy, grace, hope, and love of God.

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