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Monday, April 2, 2012

Times of Testing

Someone on another site shared this song entitled "Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer" from the In Christ Alone album.
Some people had sung it to this person's daughter who was going through life threatening trials. She has suffered most ... if not all ... of her life.  This version is sung by Margaret Becker.  I used to listen to her years ago, but I don't know much of what is going on in her life these days.

The song is encouraging to think about the good that God is working through my trials.  Whether it's relational with a church or people or the physical pains and trials of myself and my family members, this song of prayer is a prayer of hope to my Heavenly Father who loves me.    People will fail us and our bodies will fail, but I can thank God that He will never fail me.  Somehow he is working these things for my good and His glory.  Trials not only help to make us trust Christ more than ourselves and the world and even other Christian believers, but they also make us more like Christ and see our hope and joy is in Him. 

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