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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Speak O Lord

Our pastor has a favorite hymn that we have sung at church that I have enjoyed.  Okay, so I'm not a strictly hymns sort of person for church.  I enjoy worship songs, and those who have followed my blog know I like some Sovereign Grace Music songs quite a bit.  I do like some hymns...and some of those older ones as well.  I don't like hymns for the sake of them being hymns though.  There  are many that do not have sound Biblical lyrics as well, and I'm sure many people will admit that some have boring tunes.

The following one might get old after awhile, but so far I've enjoyed the tune and the lyrics!
This video does have some imperfections, but I enjoyed some of the scenery of God's Creation to go along with the song.  Besides, I know some family can't see videos from YouTube still with their proxy service!  This song is by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend.


Speak O Lord from followtheleader26 on GodTube.

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