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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Norway Teen Shines the Light

The video I'm sharing today has a 17 year old young Norwegian woman who is a good example of someone who is willing to take some risks for the sake of the Gospel and the unborn.
Not only has she given out "180" Movie DVDs, but she also has used other tracts in sharing the Gospel.   Norway is a country with a lot of people who call themselves Christians.
I imagine like the old South in the U.S. they have a lot of people who call themselves Christians, but who truly do not know the Lord.

Norway has been in the news again recently with the reminder of Anders Behring Breivik (an example of someone who thinks they are a Christian and acts the opposite) with his court appearance. See my post from closer to the time he killed a lot of people...many of them around the age of the person in the video I'm sharing today.

Just think about it. 
This young lady has a heart to win souls and save lives, while Anders snuffed out lives of people perhaps like her. You may be surprised that she speaks great English!  Not everybody does so well learning languages as well as she has.  She's a great encourager, and I'm thankful she is on my friends list.

If you haven't seen "180" Movie, you can watch it at .

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