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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Analysis of Anders Behring Breivik

I spend quite a bit of time yesterday reading things that Anders Behring Breivik put on a site called and some from an edited diary as well as some other info on the man that I found online.
I’m a curious person, and I was interested to try to figure out where this guy was coming from and if there were hints of what he might do in his writings. You can see some of his upbringing online on the wikipedia or some such site (parents divorced I think when he was one, grew up mostly in West Oslo, and his mother was a nurse, etc.)
From what I read, Anders was against “multicultural” supporters and called himself a “cultural conservative” and a “Protestant.” Apparently he was baptized (which doesn‘t mean much when you aren‘t really a Christian), and he wants the Protestant church to become Catholic…which shows he doesn‘t understand the Reformation. Other things make it clear he doesn’t know what a Christian is, and when he mentioned praying (in the diary) which he hadn’t done in a long time, it seems it was only for his own selfish purpose. He was one of those in name only kind of people…no true relationship with the Lord….just thinks of Christianity as part of a culture.
Well, his idea of a “cultural conservative” is completely different than those of us who are Americans that are social conservatives. When I think of cultural conservative or social conservative as an American it means that we are for traditional marriage between a man and woman, that we are pro-life for the unborn, and for traditional family values. As a Christian, I believe these values come to us from God through His Word.
When Anders says “cultural conservative” it is all about keeping the culture of a country and being nationalistic. He isn’t against other races per se, but he doesn’t want people (especially Muslims) to take over and swallow them up culturally or politically. He doesn’t like open immigration and the loss of sovereignty. He feels that the areas that are predominately Muslim are dangerous crime areas with jihadists. He sees Muslims as more a cultural and political group, and it seems he doesn’t focus on it as stemming from a religion much of the time. In one thing he has a point…in that Islam has taken over some countries. It is part of jihadist Islam to attack enemies (which are people who do not hold to their form of religion).
Anders is actually against Nazis and he calls “multiculturalists” “ Marxists” as well.
I wondered if it was a hint of him turning from just the idea of a newspaper and what I would call a political action type of group to something more sinister when he mentioned the possibility of him being one of the “martyr-ideologues” and changing to becoming more like the people he considers his enemies (my take/paraphrase of what he said). Clearly he was planning for at least a year and writing and focusing on his views for a long time to what would seem like the point of obsession.
Anders has now done the very thing that he fears from others and abhorred. He is deceived and twisted in his thinking. He accomplished nothing but terror and murder. Last I saw the guy could only get 21 years as a maximum punishment…for all of them or one? One thing I know God is the judge.
As I am a real Christian, I find what Anders did as shocking and incomprehensible and evil. He doesn’t know Jesus at all.
I believe that the Gospel of Jesus should be advanced in the world. Jesus told us to love even our enemies. He is the only judge of the world. There is a spiritual battle going on, and we are to pray and proclaim the Gospel to the people lost and sinking down in sin. We don’t need to isolate ourselves from other people. Jesus died for the sins of the world…not just one cultural group. The real battle in life is spiritual not cultural. Anders was following Satan’s twisted thinking, and many people are now suffering because of him. I can pray for those who lost loved ones. I’m sorry this is so long!

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