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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peter Furler's USA Solo Debut - "All In Your Head" (pt. 1)

I found this video online, and I thought it would be fun to share it. It's one of my favorite songs from Peter Furler's On Fire album. The sound isn't too great, but my interpretation of the song is that it is about obeying God and going where you're led by God (as it mentions). People sometimes just go through the motions and put off doing what they believe God wants for their lives and what the Bible tells them. A lot of us have head knowledge, but we don't put it all into action. Whether it's being a missionary, serving God in some specific way, or even if you aren't a Christian perhaps you are thinking you will just wait until you are ill or old to repent from your sin and trust in God ... even though you have read and heard the Gospel and do your duty (You will find that a lot in the old South of the United States). Also, Christians can get lazy in our spiritual walk, and we miss out on the joys of obeying and serving God in different ways and also giving out the Gospel one way or another to people who are needing to hear it.

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