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Monday, July 18, 2011

Courageous Song & Movie Trailer

I waited about a month to share this video on my blog, so many of you may have seen it before. The movie is scheduled to come out September 30th, but so far the closest showing to my area the last I looked was about 27 miles away.
I'm really bothered that they have Catholic resources on their resource page. Interfaith connections are not necessary and upset me. As a Christian, I am disappointed that they would compromise to that level. After all, if other people want resources they should be able to use the Christian ones provided that share the beliefs of the makers of the film. I know they have all kinds of rules for these blogs. I'm trying to be careful, but hopefully I won't get kicked off for sharing my feelings here about this. I'm also concerned about modesty, but I'm hoping this film will at least not be worse than Fireproof on that score. I'm looking forward to trying the movie out, and I hope you enjoy this video.

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