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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 Joplin Tornado - "Build Us Back"_Newsboys.mp4

No matter if you have gone through a tornado like this one in Joplin, Missouri this year (2011), or an earthquake (with or without a tsunami), a hurricane, a fire, a crime committed toward you or a loved one, or a broken relationship...this song can be encouraging that God will build you back...restore you and heal your hurting heart. I know some things like the fibromyalgia I have or other pains and disabilities people have may never go away on this earth, but God can help us through and endure and even have some joy in the midst of it. One day in Heaven we will be free of the results that sin has had on mankind...if you belong to Jesus and have repented and have faith in Him.
The song in the video is sung by the Newsboys with Michael Tait.

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