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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Kirk Story w/ John MacArthur

The video below is Kirk Cameron’s testimony. I remember the first time I heard of Kirk Cameron. I was at a church school in junior high school, and the students were all excited about some guy who was in the book shack. His name was Kirk Cameron, and I had to ask who that was. Our family didn’t have a TV from the time I was about 3 to sometime when I was 17 years old, so I didn’t know about the show Growing Pains. The story was that he was a new Christian and was returning a tape for a friend. The only person I could see darkly through the glass looked like a woman with a lot of curly hair. The person might have had sunglasses, but I can’t remember for sure. I went to the church John MacArthur is pastor of when I was young (off and on as we moved to another county and also tried a different church even before we moved, but I still was going at night then). The only time I wasn’t invisible to him (which seemed the norm even when I was close up) was at that school when he asked me once why I was sitting by myself, and I think he asked if I had friends or something. I was a bit intimidated by the question(s), but I will always remember it in the kind sense I believe it was intended. I wasn’t as awed by him as some people, because I saw him around so much. I kind of have some awe now as an older person, but I think of Pastor “Johnny Mac” as almost a friend when I hear his voice. My sister had his daughter in a class for a semester (his daughter was a grade younger than her and a grade ahead of me). Kirk Cameron was in another TV show that didn’t last very long as well as in the Left Behind movies. The TV show had a little bit of language problems when we tried it. Below the testimony video I will put a link to the new documentary that Kirk Cameron is involved with that hasn’t been released yet…

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