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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grace Unmeasured - Sovereign Grace & YouTube Black Screen Solution

This is another of my favorite Sovereign Grace Music songs sung by a worship leader I had many years ago. Facebook friends may recognize it from my having shared it awhile back. Youtube videos stopped playing on my computer since last night unless I add an s to the http to make it https in the address bar (in case any of you have the same problem watching this). I found someone posted to try that, and it works! I have the latest Flashplayer, and things were working before. I hope that this won't be a longterm issue like with another computer. If you can't see the screen try the link below the black screen.
*** UPDATE: I found the solution for Youtube black screen on videos! Don't just clear the history as usual! First go to Tools on IE, and then go to Delete Browsing History. Then uncheck the Preserve Favorite Website Data and then delete. It worked for me as a permanent solution it seems! Yippee! Hooray!

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