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Saturday, July 30, 2011

On The Box: Maybe If We Had Been Muslim or Jewish

You might find the blog link from On The Box interesting to think about. I know that some policemen are nice and some are rude (they are human and not the way I imagined they were when I was young). We are to respect and obey authority, so long as they don't tell us to disobey God. Also, as Americans we have the privilege to use the proper channels and question or if need be to challenge in court when authority is exceeded and the law is not applied correctly or is misunderstood by the officers meant to uphold the law... You can click on the blog title to read the rest.
On The Box: Maybe If We Had Been Muslim or Jewish: "Our time at Comic Con on Saturday was amazing. It made an afternoon of evangelism on Hollywood Boulevard seem like a quiet afternoon at th..."

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