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Friday, July 6, 2012

All I Have Is Christ

A line in a song was coming into my head recently.  I decided to look it up, and I found this video that I think that I saw in the past.  It's pretty neat, and it's also encouraging to see what the artist did to make a storyline out of this.  It leads first from the rebel running away from God to being one of His sheep protected and secure even when facing death for sharing His message with others.  This transformation comes through repentance and forgiveness which comes through trusting in Christ and in Christ's death on the cross in our place and believing that He rose from the dead.  Through Christ is my hope.  If you cannot understand all of the lyrics, I will give the link below to those.

All I Have is Christ from goodground33 on GodTube.

Here is the link to the lyrics:

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