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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pregnancy, Science, Standards

Pregnancy: Science teaches us that at conception there is a human life involved.
A baby has gender and is a separate life that is on life support. Half of his or her DNA belongs to a father, so that will not match the mother's DNA. A parasite or skin cell or any other cell belonging to a mother can never become a human, so people who make the comparison between those and a conceived baby are being ludicrous in my estimation. Science is peoples way of trying to understand what God has created ... only people who want to deny God's existence try to come up with ideas that leave Him out.

Every scientist or philosopher generally starts with a presupposition. Philosophers only base their values on personal opinion or on what others have said which means their values have little value without an absolute measuring stick.

My standard of what's right or wrong comes from God Who is the Author of life. I find what He has said about life in His Word the Bible.  The Bible makes it clear that murder is wrong (Exodus 20:13; Matthew 19:18; Matthew 5:21-22, etc.)  and that God creates the life in the womb (Psalm 139:13; Job 10:8-12; Ecclesiastes 11:5 ; Jeremiah 1:5; Psalm 119:73).

When left up to our own standards, people will decide that anything goes. Margaret Sanger decided that the poor and minorities didn't have a right to be born into difficult circumstances. The abortion industry encourages abortions and profits from them. Something being legal or commonly accepted does not make it right. If you haven't watched the “180” Movie documentary related to this, it's at
It shows how people eventually accepted things during Hitler's time and where that led / leads.

People wonder why so much goes wrong with the world. Sin is what brought on death and defects to human beings. Ignoring and disobeying God has far reaching consequences. 

All have sinned and fall short of God's glory...including me.  Ecclesiasted 7:20 NASB says, 'Indeed, there is not a righteous man on earth who continually does good and who never sins."
My salvation is based upon what Christ did on the cross and not upon any good works which cannot earn a thing or satisfy God's justice.  Only Jesus (Who was both fully man and fully God) lived the perfect life that I could not and died taking the punishment that I deserve and also dying in the place of all who will repent and put their trust in Him and believe that He rose from the dead (demonstrating His power over death).  We cannot live up to God's standard of perfection (and the Law can't save... Romans 3:20 ; Galatians 2:16), but thankfully He is willing to show mercy and save by grace those who truly have repented and believed. That is amazing love to die for people who are enslaved to sin and cannot save themselves from it, so that they can be forgiven.  Christians are not perfect here on earth.  I am forgiven and God is working in me to help me to become more like Jesus.  I have the desire to love and obey Him now.  God is Holy and He is the Judge, but He is also my Lord, Savior and Father. I am thankful that He saved me and loves me. 

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