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Monday, July 2, 2012

Be Unto Your Name Worship Song / Loss of a Pet

I've been sad lately, as our cat (Catalina) is now dead. She stopped eating and was throwing up and missed the litter box. Her stomach wasn't working properly...stuff was not getting through her in the normal amount of time if at all. Even after the vet tried some things (surgery and an IV...IV because of low blood sugar), she still refused to eat the next afternoon/evening. She likely had liver disease as well as a stomach not working right. She did drink some water that last day and tried to get down, but she was still weak and holding her tongue funny and refusing wet food and yogurt (favorites of hers). She was put to sleep. Lots of things remind us of her and make us feel badly. She was loved and is missed a lot. She is no longer suffering or biting at herself.  I don't believe that animals go to Heaven, but I do believe that God is capable of creating a perfect cat just like her only without the effects of the fall.  If there are cats in Heaven, then all of the cat haters will likely be cat lovers.  After all, all that God created was good even here on the old earth.

The following song is one that I believe that we sang at a previous church, and it's come to my attention from two different sources again in recent times.  While this version does run on a bit long, it really has a great tune for worship and the words are pretty good too.  This life is but a moment compared to eternity.  In Heaven, we who are are saved will no longer suffer the loss of beloved pets or human loved ones.

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