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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are There Exceptions For Abortion?

So many people try to differentiate abortions by situation.
Does the motive behind an abortion or the criminal behavior of one parent (the father) make a difference in the humanity of a conceived human being?
If a crime is done to you, does that justify the taking of an innocent human life? 
What about the the babies who survive abortions?  Are their lives valuable?
If a mother's life is in danger, does that mean that the baby's life should be ignored ... or do you feel that if at all possible that both should be cared for? 
If human life is valuable in most cases to you, why is it not valuable in all cases? 

If you haven't already seen it, please check out the 180 Movie documentary here.  It really points out where moral relativity can lead. 

Recently, a video has been passed around and shared in various places that puts a human face on the issue of abortion.  It also exposes how callousness towards life can make the convenience of doctors outweigh the life of a child already born.

To see a great blog post by Denny Burk who also shared this video, please click here.

Is murder only wrong in some cases and not in others? 
I think that most people know that the taking of innocent human life is wrong.  Our conscience pricks us when we do wrong, and the Bible makes it fully clear that murder is a sin against God.
I certainly believe that all conceived babies are fully human and thus deserving of protection and care. 
God is the Author of life and Fashioner of the pre-born (Psalm 139:15-16). Only those that deny scientific knowledge of the beginnings of human life or place little value on life because of their denial of God or are afraid of or ignorant of the facts will continue to callously insist that abortion is okay.
This doesn't mean that I don't care about the mothers' lives that are in danger or that in other case that crimes have been committed against women that resulted in the conceiving of a child.  When a father is guilty of rape, then he should be punished and not be allowed to have the same parental rights as in other cases.  The child is not responsible for a father's crime.  In the other situation ... when a mother's life is at risk in pregnancy all should be done to save both lives.

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