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Monday, October 22, 2012

In Christ Alone (Newsboys with Peter Furler)

My friends have been sharing this song lately, and we've sung it at church...including yesterday!
I first heard it sung by the Newboys many years ago, even though it was not written by Peter Furler or Steve Taylor or any other of the Newsboys.

Of course, Peter Furler is not with the Newboys anymore, as he took some time off and then went solo.  I love his On Fire album from 2011 by the way!

I'm partial to who I heard sing "In Christ Alone" first.  I think that most people are that way, although I have liked more than one singer's version of some songs.   For me it is less distracting to stick with the old.

This is an excellent worship song, and I was quite surprised to see that the website recommended on this video is one that I am VERY familiar with!  Many of my blog viewers will also be pleasantly surprised.


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