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Monday, November 5, 2012

Fantastic Rendition of How Deep The Father's Love For Us

The church I attend uses old and modern hymns for the singing part of the worship service. 
Not too long ago I was searching for a video of one of the songs we have sung there entitled "How Deep The Father's Love For Us.".
I remember we sang this song at at least one other church in the past...perhaps more than one!

There are so many different videos, but I wanted to find something that was unique and yet did not annoy me with the photos or sound.  I found something unique for sure!  The song is sung in English, but I have no idea what is being said when talking is going on.  Still, it is wonderful to see that good songs can aid in worship around the world!  I know that worship is not just about music, but it can be an overflow of our thanksgiving and praise to the God who is worthy of our worship.

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