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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Death of a Nation as We Once Knew It - The U.S.A.

The U.S. election results from this week saddened many Christians.  We prayed for mercy and some of us cast our votes for the lesser judgment.  More and more Americans have drifted from acknowledging God and turned to worship self or things or other people.  They no longer observe the facade of believing what they have rejected.   We are living in a time when Romans 1 is being lived out in America.  God is giving the nation over to all kinds of sin and degrading passions.  America has been destroying hundreds of thousands of  babies every year for a long time now by abortion.  No, we aren’t the only nation participating in these behaviors...murder and immorality.  It is just sad to see the death of a nation.

Many of our churches teach false doctrine or keep the flock at baby level.  Then when teenagers leave the church and turn away from God the people wonder why.  What was the Gospel message that they heard?  Did they hear that all sins that they commit...such as lying, lusting, hate, stealing, worshiping idols or self are sins against a perfect Holy Righteous Judge that they will one day face? The just punishment for those sins is eternal punishment in Hell.
Works will not save anyone from hell.  The only thing that will save is faith in Jesus who took the punishment for all who truly confess and turn from their sins and turn to God (repent) and trust in Jesus' death on the cross for their sins and believe that He bodily rose from the dead.

The people who try to claim that they don’t believe in God or can’t know anything actually do know that God exists, but they suppress the truth in unrighteousness.   Doing so helps make them feel more comfortable about their sin and keeps them from acknowledging that they will be held accountable one day.  Yet many of these people would admit there are some things that they personally feel is wrong.

Apart from God, nobody can have a basis to claim anything as right or wrong. If someone came to the door of someone they loved and wanted to kill them, on what basis could anybody claim that their decision was morally wrong if there was no absolute truth?   But there is absolute Truth, and the people of this nation need to hear the Gospel and repent. 

If you are a Christian, when is the last time you made some effort to get the Gospel out? 
What have we done to encourage others to give the Gospel out? 
Beyond the Gospel, what can be done to get churches out of their un-Biblical practices and encourage them to teach the Word of God and evangelize?  I will leave that to godly Christian men, but sometimes it is so frustrating in a place where there are numerous churches and many of them not following Scripture.  There are many false converts out there lost and thinking they are saved as well.  I am so blessed to have a good church even though it is quite a ways to go and we don’t always make it.  I listened to one of the messages that I missed in person, and it was really good!  

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