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Monday, July 29, 2013

Warnings about Common Core, Charismatics, Paul Washer Interview, Don't Give Up

Beware of the Common Core Curriculum that the Obama administration has put out.
It is very invasive into privacy.  Questions are asked that are not only not anyone's business, but I heard an account that a girl was asked a question that reached into her parents' bedroom.  I won't put the exact question, because it makes me uncomfortable.  Also, questions about discipline problems and religious affiliations are asked.  You can read more clicking here.

I have shared about the Strange Fire conference coming up in October.  I've been places where people were mumbling under their breath and speaking supposed words from God or words of knowledge or something.  I learned at an early age the dangers of the charismatic movement, as it had infiltrated a church that we had been going to as well.  Thankfully, we heard MacArthur which helped keep some of my family from getting too sucked into that.  We ended up going to Grace Community Church for awhile after that.  Still, I ended up places and had friends in high school that were of that persuasion which I admit gave me great discomfort.
Tony Miano of Cross Encounters who was arrested in the U.K. in early July wrote a blog post to share his experience with "spiritual heroin addicts" in this movement.

Tim Challies did an interview with Paul Washer recently.  You might want to check it out!
Click here to read part one.
Click here to read part two.

Persevering in Evangelism: reflections on a godly stranger - this was worth sharing again for those of you who did not see it before.  When someone responds in a discouraging way to the Gospel, God can still be at work in that person to draw them.

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