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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 11, 2001 - Twelve Years Ago

Twelve years ago America was attacked on September 11, 2001.
Many of us will not forget how we heard about it and how we felt.
I turned on the radio while still in bed and made guesses about who had done these things after realizing that it was a real event.
People flooded into church and were ready to acknowledge God for awhile.  Patriotism was high.

I was thinking this afternoon about some of the facts that stand out when events like this take place in the world.

  1. Evil exists - Sin exists in the hearts of all mankind.  All the world is guilty before God... although events like terrorist attacks stand out to us as a particular threat to our comfort and safety.  It is a symptom of the callousness that some have toward human life.
  2. We should not trust in our own security or in man to be able to protect us.
  3. How am I living my life in a way that will count for what matters for eternity should I die today?
  4. Saving lives is a noble thing, but the saving of souls is what matters most.  God uses people to bring the Truth.  People who are saved from physical death by heroic people will still stand before God one day - either for judgment or resting on the blood of Jesus who died for sins and rose from the dead conquering death and its power.  If someone lives after a terrorist attack or an accident or some medical emergency, what good will it do in the end if they go on in rebellion to God and face an eternal judgment?

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