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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ted Cruz Spoke Truth About Obamacare

This week Senator Ted Cruz stood up on the floor of the U.S. Senate and kept control for 21 hours to focus on defunding Obamacare.

The mainstream media would have people believe that it was just a "rant," and they seemed to want to focus more on the Dr. Seuss bedtime story for his kids than the main substance of his speech. (Notice they ignored the paraphrase Proverbs he read to the kids as well.)  The media didn't seem to pay much attention to all of the tweets that Senator Cruz read by real people who shared why they didn't want Obamacare.

Since the mainstream media and career politicians want to sneer and shut down the discussion like the political machine in Mr. Smith goes to Washington, I thought I would try to highlight some of what I learned both from Senator Cruz and share some of my own observations and comments.

Real people are losing their jobs or having their hours cut.   Yes, a lot of businesses and places are cutting back to avoid paying health insurance costs for their workers due to Obamacare.  This affects young people losing out on wages as well as others who will have to fend for themselves trying to pay for healthcare with reduced incomes.  This is likely to put more people on welfare and onto government healthcare rolls.  Do we want more homeless people and a more bankrupt government?  Forcing people to pay for what they can't afford or don't want is more likely to hurt them than help.  You notice that Congress is not being forced to accept this for themselves.

People are actually losing hospital access and doctors.  A rural Virginia hospital is closing it's doors.  Yes, it is already a victim of Obamacare.  In TN, some people on certain government subsidized plans have lost access to some of the area hospitals.  Obamacare has made the reimbursements too low.  Do not imagine that the insurance plans under Obamacare are going to be great plans with lots of access to great doctors.  As a person on Medicaid, I know the limitations of doctor choices, and I even got a letter that some people under my insurance will have to start paying a sum towards previously covered prescriptions next month. I'm not even certain that next year when I was hoping to see a specialist at Vanderbilt that I will still be eligible to be covered for that out of network doctor.  It's up in the air, but I know God is sovereign.

President Obama said that people who liked their doctor or plan would be able to keep them.  This was fiction.  People at Walgreens are being taken off of the coverage they had and having to go to the "exchange" plans which likely will not be as good as what they had.  A major shipping business is taking spouses off the rolls of being covered.  As I previously mentioned, people are losing hours so that their employers will not have to cover their insurance costs.  Some hospital jobs are being lost.

Insurance companies may get around the Hyde amendment which bans federal money from going for abortions by having a "surcharge" to cover them in some states that haven't banned them.  If you can afford private insurance that doesn't have abortion coverage, it would be better.

While I do care about people with preconditions, it is not necessary to mandate everybody pay for something they don't want in order to help those truly in need.
The U.S. Senate and the mainstream media may mock and ridicule Ted Cruz for fighting for a "lost cause," but to stand up against a disastrous mistake and worse was truly a courageous and worthwhile thing to do.  Whether you are Republican or Democrat, this bill is not what you want.  Even the unions don't like it.

My hope is in God, and I know that He is my strength.  I cannot trust in government or health coverage.  Freedoms are eroding in this country, and this is just one tip of the iceberg.  Some things are worth fighting for, but my main desire is that God will use me for His purpose and to further His Kingdom by sharing the truth with you.  Please read the message on the following link:


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