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Monday, June 29, 2015

In The Wake Of Legalization of Same-Sex "Marriage" : Advice To Pastors & Churches, Presidential Hopefuls Views, & July Conference On The Bible & Homosexuality

EVENT:  July 10-12
Truth Community Church is planning a conference entitled:
The Bible and Homosexuality: Calling the Church to Courageous Confidence in Christ.
They are planning to live-stream it for those who do not live in the vicinity of Cincinnati.

Presidential Candidates' views on legalized Homosexual "marriage":
Huey Report

John MacArthur's Advice To Pastors
In case some of you missed John MacArthur's open letter to graduates of The Master's Seminary in California in the wake of the Supreme Court's recent ruling, it has some good advice for pastors that is worth reading (even for those of us who are not pastors).
Open Letter To TMS Graduates

Advice To Protect Churches & Christian Ministries
While I want to clearly distance myself from the AFA, I thought the advice for protecting churches and ministries could be helpful:
What Churches Should Do To Protect Themselves (on the issue of marriage)

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