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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Almost Things

Today I was trying to remove the wheels on my chair to clean what accumulates and keeps it from rolling as well.  I spent so much time getting nowhere on the back wheels after completing the front ones with much effort.  My back was hurting and my surgery arm  and my hands didn't like it much. 

Finally my Dad came to help, so one of us would twist and the other was to hold tight. Well, we didn't have the best tool for one side at first, so the wrench ended up slipping and pinching my finger.

Later, I was flipping the chair to the other side and BANG!  It clunked down very hard right toward my Dad's feet!  I was frightened that it would hit them, but I'm thankful that he was able to move his feet out of the way fast enough.
It made me start to think of how I would have felt if it had hit to say nothing of how he would have felt! 

How many times in life do we have near misses and disasters?  How many times does God overrule the "could have happened" in our lives?
God's children are immortal until God sovereignly takes us home.  And then we are truly immortal.  Even "accidents" are not accidents to Him, as He can override even our mistakes, sins, and carelessness.  We should not put God to the test, but it should comfort us that we can't thwart His plans for us.

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