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Friday, June 12, 2015

Your Social Media Footprint & Persecution

What are you most known for?

What if your social media footprint was all that you left for the world to see? Would it point people to God? Would it honor Him?

Would you be most know for your love of sports, movies, political views, favorite singers or groups, snarky or witty comments, favorite foods, the games you play, or your squabbles with others?

Would your legacy be mostly about how you entertained yourself?
Not all entertainment is bad unless it turns into idolatry or causes you to sin in some other way, but how much time do we spend promoting our hobbies and temporal things and how much time do we spend on what counts for eternity and our spiritual growth?

If you are a Christian, are you known for conforming to the crowd and gaining acceptance over whatever is considered popular?
Do you try to fit in, or do you stand up for an absolute morality that may fly in the face of current trends?
Are you know for advancing God's kingdom, edifying believers and contending for Biblical truth and authority?

If it became illegal to spread the Gospel, would it make a ripple effect of difference for you? 
Would there even be enough evidence to convict you from your past record?

What if it was illegal to meet with other Christians without being regulated by the government?
In some countries it is.
In some countries you will not only risk a loss in popularity or followers online for what you believe, you risk your freedom and even your life.
One such country that has faced this is Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan: Why are evangelicals being persecuted? from The Voice of the Martyrs Canada on Vimeo.

I recently saw the following video clip shared on Facebook, and for all Christians who wonder how we should respond when persecution comes this is a helpful message.

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