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Monday, November 16, 2015

Islam & Historical Heresy

Islam And The Slaughter of Those Who Name The Name Of Christ

What happened in Paris was awful.  I wrote most of this post before the news came out about it.  Obviously, the attacks that were done in France show the combination of religious and political goals that are at work in Islam.  
We can see that it isn't just those who call themselves Christians who die at the hands of Islamic terrorists, though my original post is about that particular aspect.
Those in Israel also have had to live in danger for many years, and yet ironically much of Islam is borrowed from Judaism and Christianity.
Muslims in predominately Islamic countries don't seem to recognize the difference between Roman Catholicism and Christianity, and in some countries they imprison, kill, burn the churches of, and commit other heinous acts against anyone who names the name of Christ - Christian or not.

Christianity & Roman Catholicism aren't the same thing.  As Christians, we believe Roman Catholicism is an apostate church (and some would call it a cult).

Islam believes the words of "Allah" can't be corrupted (this is in their Quran) , & because the true Triune God's Words are true - Islam is false.   The Quran contradicts the Bible.

Islam borrows from Christianity, but sadly they have twisted, added to & rejected as infallible the truth of God's Word.  Islam also borrows from Judaism & legends.
Cultish religions often start with false prophets, and Islam started with a "prophet" who claimed to have words from "Allah."
The problem is that the Canon of Scripture was already closed at that time, and God doesn't contradict Himself.

Jesus recognized the Law and the Prophets as Scripture, and in the upper room He promised the Spirit which would bring to mind all that Jesus said to them (the apostles - John 14:26).
Basically, He authorized the apostles for the writing of Scripture. Apostles saw Jesus...even Paul saw Jesus later than the others.
Mohammed did not.

Mohammed was neither an apostle or commissioned by one, so Mohammed's words could not hold the weight of authority of words actually given by the Spirit.
Any system that has a wrong view of God, salvation, & the Scriptures is false.
Islam denies the Trinity, believe in a works based salvation, and they do not accept the Bible as it is written (and accept a book added to it).

Muslims need the true Gospel.  They are spiritually blinded.
Remember Paul zealously went against true Christians, but God miraculously saved him.
This should encourage Christians to hope and pray for Muslims who are zealous for a lie...that God will open eyes and save many.
This is a reminder to myself and not just to others!
When we have opportunity, we should be willing to give the Gospel to Muslims.

Some Other Historical Heresy / False teaching has a way of repeating itself.

Here is a list of some of them:

Salvation by works: Judaizers →Ebionites:

Modern versions:
7th Day Adventists
Roman Catholicism
(A lot of other things are dangerously close to to a works based righteousness view.)


Modern versions:
New Age
Christian Science



I have been listening to a class online by Nathan Busenitz, and so I'm incorporating notes and other things I've learned into some posts (along with what I've learned from others).  This does not mean that what I write is endorsed by him in any way.

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