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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why Do So Many People Feel The Need To Blog?

Why I blog

I can't tell you why other people write blogs.  I can't see inside their minds.  I can only tell you why I write.
The problem is that at different times, I've had different motivations and audiences in mind.
Originally, the blogging I did was probably mostly geared for sharing things with online friends and relatives.  I did not have a lot of views from others.
My first blog was dropped, because it was connected to a particular online ISP that we no longer have.

I read before that a person should focus their blog on a particular interest,  but I have no desire to run several blogs at once!
My posts have run from fun, to personal experiences and thoughts, to sharing videos and links that interest me, to evangelism (which has increased in recent years), to news stories, politics, discernment, and even doctrinal issues that are important to me.

I want God to use me, though it is a struggle not to feel discouraged when I don't get a lot of views for the effort.   Then I remind myself that if God uses the more worthwhile posts for just one person  - it can be worth something.
So, when the views get really high (for me) and then drastically drop, it's a good reminder to not let numbers be so important.
Honestly though, number drops can pressure me to post more often.  That is why I stopped letting others view my number stats.  It helps a little.

I can remember the servant in the Bible who was given lesser talents, and it encourages me.    I don't have to have a large audience.  I need to be faithful in small things.   For me, there is little other outlet for me to share.
1 Peter 4:10-11 talks about employing our gifts in serving one another.
While this can be done in a local group of believers, I think that the larger body of Christ can also benefit.

Blogging doesn't just have to be about showing off our writing composition skills.
In fact, I know that my writing is so simple that a computer once let me know that it was on a grade school level.  
I'll admit to even copying Tim Challies' idea about sharing others' links.  Since there are a lot of others out there who have more knowledge and skill than I do, why not?  

There is a lot of heresy out there to avoid, and there is a lot of other worthless trash.
If Christians are to let their light shine, why should we leave the internet to completely empty chatter, filth, and charlatans?
Paul went where the false gods were set up, and he told people about the One true God.
The internet is a major marketplace of ideas and religion of this day and age.

I'm not a preacher, of course.   I can't be one.

If you are one, I want to be an encouragement to those who are faithful in Biblical exegesis, exposition, and application - to stand up for truth and proclaim it far and wide.  Not only to proclaim it, but to live it!

If you can write, why not do it?  It's not about us.  It's about God and His Gospel and glory.

If God wants you to stand on street corners and preach, and your church will stand behind you...why not make sure you are equipped ...and do it?

If you are a female (which means you are not qualified to preach or be an elder),  why not think about what you can do within the Biblical parameters that are in Scripture, and then apply these things?   Also, think about what you are wearing in regards to causing people to sin - even your Christian brothers, and remember your behavior should be an example to others.  Women can influence future generations without disobeying God.

If you care about unborn babies, find a way to make a difference.

If you have a heart for unreached people groups, and you can't go, you can encourage others to pray and get involved.


So, some will do things for the wrong motives...even preaching Christ.  Philippians 1:15-18

Some wrong motives for blogging (as well as preaching) are these:

Glory for self
To Deceive
To Please or Flatter People
(Some of the above were taken from 1 Thessalonians 2.)

Which of us doesn't struggle with wrong motives at times?
Can God still use imperfect vessels?
He has, and He still does.

It seems there are two extremes among those who name the name of Christ:

  1. People who want to give up on and write off genuine fellow Christians when they say or do the wrong thing occasionally.
  2. People who are unwilling to speak out when serious error is proclaimed, and attack those who dare to question or speak out.

People forget that restoration is the goal with genuine believers, and we should even care about and pray for the salvation of those who are enemies of the Gospel at present.  
Do we not want them to repent?
We don't always know which people are wheat and which are chaff.
Bloggers and others need to be careful to remember not to crush the wheat along with the chaff.

On the other hand, we shouldn't feed or ignore the weeds to the detriment of the wheat.

So, if you blog, why do you do it?

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