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Monday, November 23, 2015

Trouble in Africa - Exposing the Word of Faith Movement

The Word of Faith movement has spread across Africa, and similarly other WOF / NAR ("New Apostolic Reformation") off-shoots of Pentecostalism (like Bethel Church in Redding, CA) have spread throughout the the world.
As I mentioned in a previous post, Pentecostalism basically is like the historical Montanus movement.

These movements are not of God, because God does not contradict His previously given Word.   These people twist Scripture to fit a worldview in where Jesus is a means to a selfish end.   Yes, it basically is putting your own desire above what God wants.   God doesn't always want us to be wealthy, healthy, and live in our own desired reality.  In fact, He promised suffering for this life for His followers who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 3:12).

People in the Word of Faith movement are placing faith in faith and in their own words and visions - even when they don't line up with what God has already said in His canonical written Word - the Bible.

Syncretism is a serious problem in Africa.   People in Africa need the clear teaching of Scripture to learn that they need forgiveness for sin rather than mere sinful men to bless them and try to remove evil.
Pastor Conrad Mbewe explains more about what is going on in Africa:

Why Is The Charismatic Movement Thriving In Africa

Tony Miano discusses about Bethel Redding and the "New Apostolic Reformation" movement.  They are a little more subtle in that they are making people see them as mainstream.  They use a music group called "Jesus Culture" as a draw.

Why I Must Speak Out Against the NAR and Bethel Church

Nathan Busenitz gave a message and wrote an article which are helpful to evaluate whether prophecy is of the Lord or not:

A Word From The Lord - Evaluating the Modern Gift of Prophecy

 Strange Fire - Modern Prophecy

Justin Peters explains the Word of Faith movement, and shares its similarity to Christian Science.

Exposing The Word of Faith Movement

Here is another link leading to some more information on this subject:
Strange Fire

People who are caught up in these movements need the Gospel, and Christians who are getting confused and taken in by the deception need to be exposed to the truth about these groups.
Please share with them, because God can and has rescued people from these things.  Light exposes darkness, and the Scripture is authoritative.  Please pray for Africa, and for all the people who are currently being deceived - that God will expose them to the truth of what God's Word actually says, and that He will swiftly draw His sheep out from among them.  Also, pray for Biblical pastors who will faithfully teach Scripture.

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