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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Starbucks' Red Cup Controversy - A Look Inside The Cup

It's not what's on the outside of the cup that matters. It's what's on the inside.  The same is true with people. 

You may have nice traditions or you might not.  God sees your heart, and our hearts are naturally filthy.  The sin inside might seem good for a season, but it won't satisfy and will destroy you. Lying, lusting, stealing are all sins that keep us from Him.  Not believing, in itself, sends people to Hell. No amount of scrubbing and bleach can take sin's stain from our hearts....much worse than a coffee stain.....The only One Who can cleanse our evil hearts is God and what He did.  

God sent His perfect spotless Son Jesus- fully God and fully man - to die on a cross and suffer the consequences for the sins of everyone who would ever believe and put their trust in Him for forgiveness of sins. 
He rose in 3 days conquering death. 
Those who believe in Him will be fully washed from their sins and will have eternal life. 
If you believe, His righteousness will be imputed to you. On your own you will never be good or clean enough no matter what others see on the outside.
God knows what you are like on the inside.

The above was my response to a Facebook challenge to transition to the Gospel (with minor edits).
I actually do avoid Starbucks usually, because of what the profits go to...not about them not celebrating Christmas.   We can't boycott everybody though, as so many people use their profits for immoral purposes these days sadly.

Here is an article by Nathan Busenitz that addresses the cup controversy from a clear perspective.

Starbucks, Christmas, and Christians

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