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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Discernment Blogging, J.C. Ryle Tracts, & High Class Music


It is difficult to know when church discipline applies when error is taught outside of the church.
I have been confused on this myself at times, because there are some people outside of my church who compromise truth.
I am very concerned about friends who are or may be influenced by them.

To read a blog post that I found helpful, please go HERE.

I believe that discernment blogs can be helpful, although sometimes people can go overboard.
Some do point out genuine problems, and people do need to be warned.
Sometimes pastors need to name names and confront, but they have a lot to do within their own congregations.   Some people are off of their radar screens, so to speak.

There are plenty of bad apple "discernment" blogs out there.
I've seen some that are absolutely poisonous.
Then there are some people who try to be Biblical, and they are unfairly attacked for calling the church to doctrinal purity by pointing out where people are drifting off.

My blog is not what I would call a discernment blog, though I have done some posts like that.
I have my own struggles, though I have been blessed with some sound Biblical teaching over the years.

Sometimes I feel like I'm falling apart, which keeps me more focused on my own spiritual and physical state.
I appreciate the prayers of Christian friends.  

I believe that we need to remind ourselves to pray for the people who are in error or even outright heretics.   Love is to point out truth and avoid error (as well as to help others avoid it), and it's also to be concerned about the restoration of or salvation of those who teach things that are wrong.

Finding a balance is hard.

There are genuine Christians who get things wrong, and God really can change hearts.
It's easy to get discouraged.  If God doesn't give up working on me, then why do I give up hope for others?
In some cases, I am not sure whether someone is a fellow Christian or not.
Either way, I should pray.


I hadn't realized that J.C. Ryle wrote a bunch of tracts during his life.
Some of these tracts by J.C. Ryle can actually be downloaded HERE.  
The "Are You Ready" title jumped out at me due to my friend Tony Miano also using that title (which is good).


Beautiful music for your day.
Part of this tune is similar to When Johnny Comes Marching Home. 
I hope that doesn't ruin it for you!
The lyrics on this one are Biblically based. (Worthy Is The Lamb...put out by Ligonier Ministries.)

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