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Saturday, April 9, 2016

How To Love Your Pre-Born & Your Pregnant Neighbors

Speaking the truth about abortion and those who have their babies murdered doesn't negate love and the forgiveness found in Christ for truly repentant sinners.

Yet, at abortion clinics, women need to be confronted with the reality of the murder they are about to commit and the consequences of their sin.  They need to be called to turn from sin and to Christ.  

God is a God of justice as well as love and mercy.  
As Christians, we know that repentant sinners are made clean in God's sight.  We don't hate repentant sinners who have sorrowed over sin and been forgiven by Christ.  We love them.  Christians love unrepentant sinners too, and they show this by calling them to repentance. .   Christians have to be willing to warn unrepentant sinners that Hell awaits them unless they repent and turn to Christ.  Not every sinner is forgiven...only those who have repented and trusted Christ as Lord and Savior.   Please read the Gospel HERE. Only, as I've mentioned before, we mustn't sin presumptuously.

A huge problem is that abortion is treated as a lesser evil than any other murder, and some people want to act like mothers who willingly commit murder of their pre-born children are somehow not guilty or less guilty and deserving of punishment than those who murder (or hire someone to murder) them after they are born.

People also seem to think that God's forgiveness means no consequences.  David was repentant, and yet God took his child's life.  Sin is serious before God, and we can't just decide to pretend that women haven't made choices and have no or little responsibility as a rule

We shouldn't just be content to make abortion more sanitary or pain free.  We should love our pre-born neighbors by holding elected officials accountable.  We should stand strong to define abortion as murder, and we should let them know that it should be criminalized.

Listening to last night's End Abortion Now Live-Stream,  it was also pointed out how Roe vs. Wade is not really law.    Only Congress can make laws.  As a Christian, I know that even when man's law does allow for murder, it is wrong.   A country that approves sin is accountable to God, and He is judging our nation for rejecting and rebelling against Him.

This nation needs the Biblical Gospel (and faithful preachers and churches) foremost, but secondly, we should do what we can for the thousands slaughtered every day.  We can start by praying,  some should go proclaim the truth and the Gospel at abortion clinics and hold up signs if possible,  or help by supporting those who do.  People can help support those who do ultrasounds, and provide needs for mothers who choose to keep their babies.

Politically, we can start by not using the terminology of the abortion supporters, then also begin supporting those who want abortion actually outlawed, and also try to get lower branches of government to stand up against the overreach of the Supreme Court.  The  U.S. Supreme Court has been rejecting the Constitution it was meant to uphold when it denied pre-born babies the right to life and redefined marriage by completely distorting something to mean something that the writers didn't intend.

Our hope is not in our government, but we must be faithful to speak the truth and do what we can to save lives.  If we can't at least try to love our baby neighbors by sticking up for them,  who will we stand up for?

Let's stand for the Word of God and the Gospel, and then I hope that we can love our little neighbors as well as our big ones.

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