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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trusting God, Hurt Feelings, & False Unity

Trusting God in Trying Times - Not too long ago, Pastor Don Green did a conference at Truth Community Church where he pastors in Ohio, and I heard the first two messages and part of the last while they were being live-streamed.  
I'm pleased that the messages are now online to be able to listen to!

If you are a Christian going through difficult times and wondering how you can trust God (though you know you should), this should be very helpful.
I'm looking forward to hearing the part I missed.  
The lectures are found HERE or HERE.

Love & the Hurt-Feelings Bookkeeper - Eric Davis wrote a blog article for The Cripplegate on not keeping a record of wrongs against us.  
It is very convicting. 

I do believe some of us are tender by nature, and because of this we need to work harder on putting the past of hurt feelings and the sins of others behind us. It is so hard to forget - not just about what others have done, but even my own wrongs. 
Even when I feel like I have forgiven someone, it is difficult to not have the hurt pop up once in awhile (or to not feel like there is a barrier).  Now, please don't all assume that I'm holding something against you!
You can read what Eric has to say HERE.

Together Against Ecumenism - Jeremiah Johnson wrote for the Grace To You Blog warning against a false kind of unity.  Christians need to be very careful not to compromise truth for the sake of what we might think is a common goal.   
Please see what he has to say HERE.

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