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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Lesser of Judgments

In past elections, I have voted a number of times for the lesser of judgments.
I say the lesser of judgments, rather than the lesser of evils.
I think of David having to choose a judgment due to his sin (in 2 Samuel 24:13).
Will a vote have the likelihood to save lives or stand for some Biblical morality?

In the last Presidential election, I voted more for Paul Ryan's possible tie breaking vote (that a Vice President has in the U.S. Senate) than for Romney, only to see Paul Ryan turn around to be wrong on the marriage issue later.  Yet, he did have a better record than who is left in the current election.

It would be great if a true Christian ran for President, but that rarely happens.
Even a professing Christian is often not truly one, and many people claim faith.
It used to be popular to claim to be a Christian to win an election, and some still do it today as we have seen.
Even in history, when a supposed Christian King or Queen or other ruled, it was not a bed of roses.

As it is, many of us figuratively hold our noses and cast our votes for people who are not quite right on some issues, but we try to pick people who are the best to save lives and stand at least for some moral principles that are echoes of Biblical beliefs - though held by non-Christians.

On some occasions, neither of the major candidates is trustworthy on the most important issues.
One may say they support what is right, but when their whole public record shows that they actually support what is wrong.  What then?
This is when I look for someone else to vote for.

When Governor Gray Davis of California was being voted out by a recall election, we had to choose between Arnold Schwarzenegger and others to replace him.
Before the election, Arnold Schwarzenegger had said that he would go with what the people wanted (in opposition to homosexual "marriage"). but he indicated that when the people were ready for it -he'd support it.
So, with that information, I could not vote for him, and I voted for a candidate who did not win. Guess what?  When someone illegally performed "weddings" in California, Governor Schwarzenneger's true colors came out in supporting the immoral "weddings."

This is why I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump, and I certainly can't vote for the Democrat candidate.  Trump has proven to be dishonest, and I have every reason to believe that he will not fight to save the lives of the unborn or stand for Biblical morality.  
People need a proven track record, because Mr. Trump's public track record (not just what he's said, but what he's done) has been very poor.

I have yet to decide who I shall vote for, but it seems it will probably have to be a write-in.  I don't know that anyone else has qualifed in this state (Tennessee) for the election.   Even if they have, I don't know if they would be better.
We shall see.

Elections are very polarizing, and many of us feel very strongly.
Some of my friends will not vote at all, and some may compromise hoping for the best.
We will be disappointed in people, but each Christian must deal with their own conscience.
We need to be careful about judging and treating each other harshly in these cases.
God is the judge of motives.

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