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Monday, May 16, 2016

Coffee Lovers - Fun Times

Lots of people love coffee, and many years ago now I used to listen to a little music feature on the radio called "Breakfast With Sinatra."
Yeah, since this is my personal blog, I can ignore all the advice people out there give for consistency in blogging.

Anyway, I enjoyed some of Sinatra's singing on a few old classic movies (though I'm not generally a jazz fan), and so I listened to the feature regularly for awhile.
One song that came up was new to me, but it was in no way a new song.
It is silly, and lively, and I think that some of my crazy (and I mean that in a fun way) online friends will get a kick out of it.
I hope it doesn't offend true Brazilians.
I even put it in as a request myself to the program, and they sent me a CD by someone else (Peggy Lee).   Go figure.

Now you know I'm strange, and no, I'm not endorsing Sinatra's character.
I read quite a bit about his life, and it was a mess.
It's so sad, because he was still blessed by talent.
People who try to run their lives their own way are actually practicing idolatry of self, and they need the Gospel and to be warned of the eternal consequences of sin just like everyone else.
It's too late for Frank Sinatra, but for anybody reading's not too late for you.

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