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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Culture of Death, Messengers of Hope, Lyrics Languages

Culture of Death
I grew up listening to Christian music quite a bit, and there are some songs that have messages that transcend the time they were written.
The following song discusses the culture of death that still reigns today.

Messengers of Hope
Last Sunday night during the Grace Community Church live-stream, I heard a particular hymn for the first time that is found in the Hymns of Grace book.
(The hymn books have sold out, & are going to be put out by Moody Press in the future.)
 Near the end of the song I heard last Sunday, it talked about the call to be messengers of hope & to bid the nations to sing the praises of the Lord.
Some people are able to go in person, and that's great!
With my limitations, I'm thankful to be able to still use the internet. Maybe one day I won't be able to, but God still has His purposes.


Lyrics Languages
Sovereign Grace Music is now making some of their song lyrics available in multiple languages!
They have Chinese, French, Russian, Korean, Spanish, & Welsh.
The downloadable lyrics of one of the songs that I like are found on the left side of the following page (scroll down a little ways on it):
Behold Our God

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