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Friday, May 27, 2016

Marshmallow Christians, Voice of Reason, & Challenges

Within one week's time I've learned of two youth pastors and one pastor in Tennessee & in Virginia who were soliciting immoral relations with minors.  Sin promises pleasure, but its end is the way of death.

This should be a wake up call once again to those in the church.
In some cases people are unbelievers, but believers are not immune to the deceitfulness of sin.
We expect the world to wallow in sin, and we know they need the Gospel, but the church needs to be purified.  We should see a stark difference.

Sin's pleasure is passing and twists the gifts God offers, and temptation is common to mankind.
God does provide a way of escape.  First, we (Christians) should seek holiness and God's glory and kingdom, we should hate and fear the contamination of sin though we are tempted, we should flee sin, and when we cannot flee physically when it is our thoughts...we must fight and redirect our thoughts to God and His Word.

We are often too much like marshmallows that melt and wallow in weakness rather than soldiers who yield in obedience to God and fight our hearts and feelings that are prone to wander.
Whatever our temptations, they are like fishing lures that lead the fish to a hook and a fish fry.  Though saved by grace and not by works, the Christian life is not a picnic.  We focus too much on ourselves instead of Christ and others.

What are we feeding ourselves?  A steady diet of truth or idle pleasures?
What are we focusing on?  God's Kingdom and righteousness, or our "kingdom" or feelings or pleasures?

Voice of Reason - A couple of online friends of mine (Chris Hohnholz & Richard Story) have started a podcast together.

Personal Note:  I'd really appreciate prayer by Christians for me and my family in the coming weeks.
I've been struggling a lot and feeling very low, and there are a number of challenges facing our family as well.

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