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Friday, July 8, 2016

Before the Dallas Shootings...

A sniper shot several police officers in Dallas, Texas. The people who were protecting people's rights to protest (even against themselves), gave their lives in service to these same people.

What some people may not know is that before the Dallas shootings, there was someone who was shooting in northeast TN reportedly reacting to the incidents publicized about officers and black Americans.

Possible Motive Behind Bristol Shootings

People, please stop assuming the police are always guilty of murder when you watch a news story blaming them for a death.

If you think that people should be considered innocent of a crime until proven guilty, then you should apply the same attitude to the police.

You don't always see everything from a video snippet.

It doesn't tell the full story.

And....when an officer is guilty, then they are often tried in court....and no...they are not always let off...if the officer is truly guilty.

Probably just one guy did the Dallas shootings, and one person shot people in Tennessee.

You see, we should never hold everybody guilty who's white, black, or a police officer, for what we think someone else did..

Also, we should try to work within the justice system and not take justice into our own hands.

On this earth, sometimes injustices do happen, but God will bring about true justice upon judgment day, and that either should make us happy or tremble.

Even those of us who have trusted in Christ to save us from sin and eternal death should not think lightly of sin.


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