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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

John MacArthur's Biblical Truth Bomb, Is There Proof of God's Existence, & Prepared To Stand Alone

Until the people of America repent & honor God, we cannot expect blessing. America needs the Gospel. We are a nation under judgment right now. We need repentance & mercy.

Some politicians, and educators, and even pastors are fiddling while America is burning. The Gospel is the only hope. - John MacArthur

John MacArthur spoke recently at the 2016 Western Conservative Summit at which Donald Trump had spoken a couple of days earlier.
I was live-streaming it online, and I was tweeting about it as I heard it.
He explained the kind of government that can receive God's common grace, but in America we no longer have that.  His message was confrontive and convicting, and it is the kind of message that was needed.  Yes, it was to an audience of probably professing Christians, but it is a message that all should hear. 

God uses His Words to convict & save people and not our arguments and cleverness to bring people into His Kingdom.  

In case people missed it, Phil Johnson gave a message "Is There Proof of God's Existence"   in June of this year.
I learned about presuppositional apologetics from Sye Ten Bruggencate.  You don't have to be an intellectual giant to understand it.  Phil and John MacArthur also agree with this Biblical apologetic, and the message Phil gave is worth a listen.

I recently got this biography of J.C. Ryle through Amazon, and I'm excited about it.  
I heard a biographical lecture about J.C. in the past, and I've read the book Holiness which is amazing for an intellectually lazy person like myself.  
I was both reading & listening at the same time for much of it, which helped me to focus.  
Well, I'm hoping the rest of this book by Iain Murray will be as good as the sample portion I read before it came out!   
If it is, you might see more about it later on my blog!

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