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Monday, July 18, 2016

Responding To The Murderous Lies Of Hate

Last night, I was seeing people online posting that the shooter in Baton Rouge had been member of the "nation of Islam." I checked out his YouTube channel, but I didn't want to listen to everything to see where they got that from.  It may have been something he had been in the past.
Whether or not it's true, I was curious...right or wrong.

Let's just say that he was a foul-mouthed man with twisted his mind comparing the American Revolution....rebellion against Africans being oppressed. 
If he was speaking of actual Africa (where I think he may have been at some point), that would be true in some countries, ...but I'm sure he was also thinking of America. 
His twisted mind was hateful, yet sadly he thought it was logical reasoning.
It can be debated whether the Revolution was right or not.  
I personally believe that the king of England didn't have a right over a land that was not truly his own, but that's beside the point.

Reasoning, when it is unhinged with no moorings, is like the lies of the Serpent in the Garden.
It only takes a little twist to completely distort the truth.
That man did not even know what true oppression is.
He was blinded by rhetoric, lies, hate, and the evil one.
Tragically for those he victimized, he bought into a victim mentality.

Sadly, many indict the whole police force in every city and the entire justice system, and furthermore some even indict people simply for being white.  Yet, the justice system is no worse than they are.

While U.S. history had true oppression of black people (inflicting physical abuse, segregation, and slavery), many people it seems are full of hate against people who are just trying to do their job to the best of their ability. They would hate to be condemned without a trial themselves, but they do it to the police.

This country is guilty of disobedience and rebellion against God, but that is on the streets as well as in every profession. Any human justice system will have faults, just as every single human being sins.

The murder of millions of babies in the womb has happened in the U.S., and yet people shut their eyes and focus on supporting criminals and those who disrespect the authority who make life and death decisions hoping to save lives.
I realize there are some racist cops (and people need to stop believing the lie that all racists are white), since the police force is made up of sinners like the rest of us, and sometimes police can be unfair and calloused. They have a job that puts them in contact with criminals every day, and sometimes they struggle as anyone would - to separate how they treat innocent and guilty people.

Still, many of them want to save lives, be heroes, and they would risk their lives even for those who hate them. The police also shoot white people to save theirs and others lives, but people don't take to the streets.  They realize the cops have to make quick decisions....right or wrong.

Sure, when someone has been proven guilty, go ahead and write to authorities to encourage a just sentence.
If an officer is spouting racist comments, go ahead and report that individual.
I hope people will stop looking at the world through the lens of color.
A lynch mob mentality is ugly no matter who has it.

As a Christian, I need to remind myself to love people who hate, have compassion, & indiscriminately distribute the Gospel.
It especially hurts though, when professing Christians have been sucked into the we-they mentality.
I need to fight against that poison.
Sin can infect even saints, and it must be rooted out.

I shared my reaction to the Baton Rouge murderer's most recent video online, and I attempted to give a Gospel message.  This is what I said:
Twisted reasoning... the police aren't oppressors. They are people who give their lives in service for people of all shades of skin. Sure, there a few bad ones in the bunch, just like any of society, but most of them would risk their lives to save a life. Who do people call when a thief comes, a murder happens, a child is kidnapped, a person is raped, etc.? God created man in His image, and all colors came from the same parents. God will bring about ultimate justice for those who murder, and some people are quick to decide a police officer is a murderer without all the evidence or a trial...and usually they are wrong. They would be screaming injustice if the shoe was on the other foot. Justice applies to all, and God's justice means that unrepentant murderers spend eternity in Hell....all unrepentant sinners matter what their sin. Only those who repent and trust in Jesus (Who is fully God and fully man....sinless) will be forgiven and be treated by God as though they lived Christ's perfect life and their sin was placed on Christ when He died on the cross for sins. Sadly, the man who did this video, believed lies, and killed men created in God's image. I pray that some will read this and believe the truth while there's time. Please read the Bible....even the Gospel of John or Romans.

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