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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Deadly Poisonous Speech & New Birth Baptism

Sins of The Tongue  ←This has good food for thought on the sins of the tongue. I believe many of us  fail even without intent. 

I would disagree with this man on some points in the article (like who reigns in Hell...and I believe qualifying praise is actually a good thing when it is to avoid endorsing error).  

I also believe that sometimes things are misconstrued as slander when error and concerns are being pointed out.  There is a fine line, and it is good to be very cautious.  Many times the line can get crossed, but the other side of this is flattery and encouraging people to read or listen to error by pretending error doesn't exist.

I would be interested to read a booklet by John Flavel on this subject  called Sinful Speech.

New Birth Baptism

I have been reading the book of John, and I have been thinking about the idea of being born again.
It isn't the first birth that puts one into the the true's the second birth. 
All Christians are born of the Spirit and are in Christ.

Many people seem to believe that the old covenant is exactly as the new, so they think that unbelieving children of Christians should be included.  
Certainly unbelievers can enjoy the blessings spilled over from a believer, but only believers are included in the universal true church.
Children should be raised up in the way they should go, but they shouldn't be considered as members without a profession of faith (and even then only God knows if they are truly saved at that time).

John's baptism was of repentance.
Even circumcised Jews were baptized by John (and the disciples of Jesus baptized also), so these do not seem to be unrepentant and unbelieving people who were to be baptized.

After Christ died and rose, Christians were also baptized by the Spirit and into Christ.  
They were not required to be circumcised of the flesh...nor were their children.
In the early church in the Bible, water baptism became symbolic of  being baptized into Christ's death and raised with Him.  
Do I hear "imputation" anyone?  

Water baptism followed repentance and faith.
Churches shouldn't wait to baptize a child who professes faith.
They should only question them to ascertain that they understand.
Even adults can be false converts, but baptism shouldn't be kept until we decide people have enough fruit to satisfy us first, should it?

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