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Friday, November 18, 2016

Surgery Side Two

This week I had another ulnar nerve moved (on my other arm).  This time it was a simpler surgery to release it..  I do not feel like the first surgery was as successful in helping anything except the nerve conduction test to come out better.  It made things feel worse for using that hand, so I wanted a different surgeon this time to do the other side.

Well, I have been majorly stressed out, and it is hard to see how I will get through, but at least the surgery seemed to have gone well.  I was awake at least part of the time, but they tented me to not have to view the surgery.  I did see a person holding what they were tenting me with.  I thought of asking the people how it was going, but I kept quiet.  It only hurt at the end with the nerve, and it felt like one side of my brain felt a corresponding  nerve pain / freeze for a bit.

I have been having meltdowns, and the pain has gradually increased from very little to the level of what I think a scrape up from a bike fall was like as a kid.  Ouch!  The side effects of the prescription were too bothersome, so I'm using over the counter medicine now.

I've been typing this all one handed, so I will keep it brief.
I'd appreciate prayer not only for me, but others in my family are facing surgery and pain issues as well.  I feel like I'm having a breakdown, and God is the only One who can get me through.

I'm thankful for family and others who have encouraged me.

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