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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What Does Your Social Media Interaction Say About Your Christianity?

Social media.
Many of us spend quite a bit of time on social media sites, and we leave a footprint on the internet of what interests us.
What does what you share say about your Christianity?
It seems that our social media output often reflects our hearts.
A couple of years ago I wrote about this - Your Social Media Footprint & Persecution.
While some may deceptively pretend they are something they are not, many who post and interact let their true personality and interests slip through eventually.

Recently I heard a pastor talking about how some people who attend church do not demonstrate by actions and words that they are truly Christians at all.
They need to consider whether they really are.
I have noticed this is true even online. 

Would people online see that you are a Christian by what you post? 
Hobbies, social activities, and other interests are not all bad, but what about your spiritual life?
There are some people who I know went to church in the past, but I can't tell by their social media that they have any particular interest in spiritual things.
How do I know that they are really Christians after all? 
I wouldn't want them to fake it, but I am concerned for these people.
How do I address them?

Social media shouldn't be to be showy by simply trying to look spiritual like self-righteous people (Ecclesiastes 7:16; Luke 18:11-12; Luke 20:48-47).
That is an easy trap to fall into as well.

None of us are perfectly going to get it right, but here are some thoughts and questions for you.
If we always sound super spiritual online, people may question sincerity (not that a person can't genuinely be close to the Lord).
If you only condemn immorality & other religions without giving the Gospel, that may be a sign of self-righteousness rather than caring about souls.
If you say you love everybody yet you don't warn of God's judgment against sin, what does that say?
If you call people Christians that have another "gospel", can I know that you even understand the Gospel yourself?
If you rarely or never talk about God & what you are learning from His Word, shouldn't you examine if you know Him at all?

Those who get closest to me on social media see my failings, and I see some of my own sinfulness privately even more than they do. 
I'm sure others notice some issues that I do not see in myself.
I hope that they don't hold things against me and pray for me.
Ecclesiastes 7:20-22 & 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 are verses that I should think about more closely myself.
Christians need to encourage each other and be patient and forgiving.

I see the inconsistencies of my online friends just like they see mine, but that also means that I see when they have a genuine desire to grow & to see others grow spiritually. 
I see that they want to honor God despite imperfections.
There are beloved brothers and sisters in Christ online that I have reason to believe are genuine believers without even having met all of them in person.

I ask you this question, are you one of them? 
You may claim to be a Christian, but do you ever talk about Christ inside and outside of a church?
Does your life demonstrate a living faith or no faith at all?
I hope that you will think about it.
Spiritual conversations don't make you a Christian, but if you are a Christian there should be some evidence.

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